360° Photos

  • 360 degree view of Wasini Island / Kisite Island Sandbar
  • 360 degree view of Wasini Island / Kisite Island Sandbar
  • 360 degree view of Wasini Island / Headland Bar
  • 360 degree view of Wasini Island / Lazy Lagoon

What is a 360 degree video?

This is a type of video taken by specialised (and very expensive) digital cameras which are able to simultaneously record and view footage 360 degrees at any particular moment in time. In essence, the camera automatically records everything in front & behind as well as to the left & right while the operator views or walks towards the scenery from a particular vantage point.

High-end real estate developers and exclusive entertainment venues usually employ these services in order to give prospective customers a bird’s eye view of their properties. Thankfully, a Charlie Claw’s tourist from the UK was able to record some excellent video footage many years ago while visiting Kenya.

How to view the Wasini Island 360 videos

By clicking this link ( http://wasini.com/360 ), you will see a screen similar to what you see in the above sample screenshot pics. Always remember to use your mouse (or trackpad) like a joystick in a video game. This allows you to view 360 degree footage by moving left, right, up or down. If you want to zoom in or out, simply press the plus (+) or hyphen () keys on your keyboard respectively. If you have a fast Internet connection, the view should be smooth & error free since the pics are rendered on the fly as you move your mouse. Enjoy! 😉


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