Wasini Boardwalk

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Wasini Women’s Board Walk

Charlie Claw’s guests visiting the village pay for or have paid by us the ticket price.

Behind the village is a stunning ‘coral garden’. Here, the village women have built a boardwalk circling the coral garden and leading into the fascinating mangroves. Proceeds go into a community fund operated by the ladies of the village.

In addition, we also run a project supporting the children of Shimoni, Wasini & Mkwiro Primary Schools – paying the salaries of 3 teachers and fees for 3 secondary school students. The children of Wasini Primary have a Charlie Claw’s fund which is available only to them – we encourage the children of the village not to beg by offering assistance when required on the understanding that no child asks you for money, sweets or anything else they fancy!

If you do join us on a Charlie Claw’s tour we urge you to explore the village and see the boardwalk. It has a “mystical & magical” feel all on its own. In order to maintain harmony, we request that guests wear suitable clothing when visiting the village so as not to offend this strongly Muslim community.

The Wasini Women Group

​The Wasini Women Group is an enterprise group formed in 1978 by women living in Wasini Island, with the objective of collectively venturing into income-generating activities.

Wasini Women Group maintains a boardwalk, a raised looped wooden platform stretching over 500 metres within the island’s beautiful fossil coral gardens and mangrove vegetation. During high-tide the seawater covers these coral gardens, above which visitors are guided along the boardwalk. Along various points on the boardwalk the visitors not only get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery but are also educated by the local guide, on the various mangrove species and other significant formations and ecosystem functions.

​Visitors to Wasini Island also have a chance to purchase souvenirs at the group’s curio shop and also at the Zawadi boutique at the Charlie Claws Restaurant.


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