Our Commitment to our Community

As active members of Kenya Association of Tour Operators, Ecotourism Society of Kenya, Kenya Kesho & other organisations helping to promote sustainable tourism, we are committed in protecting the national heritage, resources & cultures & in assisting to develop sustainable marine conservation & to protect beaches, marine parks & coral reefs.

We do this while also trying as much as possible to promote equitable distribution of benefits and jobs to our local community & supporting mutual understanding & respect between visitors & local societies. We truly believe that building a strong, self sufficient community fosters cooperation which in turn creates vibrant neighborhoods and jobs. We support and encourage the following projects.​

Wasini Women's Board Walk

Behind the village is a stunning mystical ‘coral garden’. Here, the village women have built a boardwalk circling the coral garden and leading into the fascinating mangroves.

Eco Tourism

Charlie Claw’s has been following conservation and Eco-Tourism ideals since the start of the day tours, now 35 years ago!

Swahili Heritage

Dhows are traditional craft which have been the vessels used for centuries by traders of the Eastern Indian Ocean and Arabian Seas.​


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